What source of weather data Windy use?

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    Windy provides the option to choose from several different weather models. Below is a brief overview of all models which you can find on Windy.

    Forecast models

    Global models:

    • ECMWF (European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts) is sometimes informally known in the USA as the "European model". More info available at www.ecmwf.com
      • Resolution is 0.1° in lat/lon (~9km).
      • The forecast output is produced every three hours for first 144 hours, six hourly through day 10.
    • GFS (Global Forecast System) - the model is operated by the United States' National Weather Service (NWS)
      • Resolution is ~13 km.
      • The forecast output is produced every hour for the first 120 hours, three hourly through day 10.

    Local models:

    • NEMS - This model is produced by Meteoblue.com, Swiss weather geniuses
      • Resolution is ~4 km, available only for Europe.
      • Resolution is ~5 km, available only for continental US.
    • NAM Alaska
      • Resolution is ~6 km, available only for Alaska.
    • NAM Hawaii
      • Resolution is ~3 km, available only for Hawaii.

    It’s up to you which model meets your needs. You can easily switch between them on Windy.

    Switch between forecast models

    Get more details about the model

    To get more details about the model like it’s update time, just hover your mouse over the info link.

    Model details

    Model, update intervals and last update time

  • @ivo said:

    Windyty uses different weather data sources, mainly GFS forecast model, produced by NOAA and NEMS model produced by Swiss weather geniuses from Meteoblue.com. By hovering mouse over small info link, you will get info about currently used model, and update time.

    Very nice project,
    I wonder if have you the possibility to collect meteo data from PWS for best local results ??? (like weather underground)

  • @ivo said:


    Thank you for all the hard work on Windyty. It is a very beautiful and accurate forecast site. Although I have looked at the sites and sources listed above, I was unable to find out if there is any data other than satellite data used. Is data being pulled from ground or ocean based stations that go into the modeling as well?

  • @ivo Hey, I was trying to use your app here in Norway for snowkiting, and water now in spring/summer. However data used in Windyty is very inaccurate for here, while yr.no seems to be 90% accurate.

    Is there a way to "plug in" data from yr.no without extensive development? Im a product manager for data visualisation app myself so I understand the process and depth, but dont know your code well to undestand this.

  • @DaveySoCal Yes, the weather models use observed sources that are available at the time of ingest. Common ingest sources are RADAR, satellite, aircraft reports, upper air soundings (weather balloons), ground stations, and ocean buoys. You can read more about the ingest data sources for the GFS here (it is the same for the other models), http://www.emc.ncep.noaa.gov/GFS/doc.php paragraph 1.3 (GDAS).

  • Hello and thanks for this incredible website.

    My question is: Where do you get the METARs and TAFs data for the airports from? Is it an official source?

    Thank you very much for all your hard work on this project. Regards!!!

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    @JerryKelih We use same data source now, ECMWF

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    Maybe interesting for the windy team, there are now most data of Dwd opendata http://www.dwd.de/EN/ourservices/opendata/opendata.html

    Maybe you can make windy better with this


  • @Tomber42 Hi, how do I get spatial data from Dwd?

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